Hello world!

OK. first things first! Happy Birthday!

This is the very first post on Country Gamer!

For those of you who actually like country music… Great! You’ll love this site, as long as you like games that is. For those of you who lack the love of country music. Well lets just say you’ll either have to deal with it, or miss out on all the awesome stuff on this Sea-cows website!

Now let me tell you. Wizard101 is an AWESOME mmorpg! So brace your self for me “rambling” on about it all the time. Always feel free to suggest any other that you think I might like. Ill try to post as often as I can on here. so check back often!

My in-game name would be Dustin RavenBreath (in wizard101). I am a Legendary Conjour. And here would be my picture:

Just kidding. THAT would be a lounge lizard you would find in Celestia. Here is my real in-game pic:

(click to enlarge)

That would be me. I have 2. Thats right 2! Massive fantasy palaces! one one me main-o myth-o and one on me death.

well, that’ll be all for ze first ze post!

See you in school!

-Country Gamer


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