Looks like Autumn has a question
What, in W101, unrelated to questing, do you find yourself enjoying most, and why?

Hmmm. this was a tricky one Autumn. I think, right now, the thing I am enjoying the most would have to be housing. I have 4 houses. A Myth school house, a Marleybonian Mansion. I use the mansion for my meeting house. It has all of the school desks, which you can earn from each school when defeating Cyrus Drake, before going to Dragonspyre. I also have my MFP (Massive Fantasy Palace) which comes from the double giftcard from gamestop. Then, with the updates that just came out, I bought that Island Getaway. My myth school house is my glitch house, in which I make awesome carpet glitches that lead to secret hideouts. I nick named my MB mansion, my Meeting house. Due to the fact that I can but haven’t really gotten a chance to hold meetings in there yet, it is mostly a storage house.

I am not really sure why I have taken to housing so much, but it does give me something to do, so I am happy with it. Hope I answered your question!!! Maybe I’ll see you in game sometime. I am usually at as many Ravenwood Radio afterparties that I can. If you cant make it to any of those, just toss me an email at the.country.gamer@gmail.com .

See you in school

Country Gamer


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