Bird calling Country

ok so here is a question from Jason ThunderShield.

Jason ThunderShield
I would like to know your in game name and your school, and where are the new bird clothes dropped?

Well to get rid of some regular stuff…

My in-game name is Dustin RavenBreath. I am a Legen-dary (lvl 60) Conjour (myth). If you are thinking about meeting me up in game, just send me an email and we can put something together.

As for the new Bird Caller crowns gear set, if that is what you are talking about, looks like it is dropped in Grizzlehiem (GH). Right here is central i found that many speculate that it might be found as drops from possible Frostholm bosses. I honestly don’t know but they have other sets that definitely drop from certain worlds. Just go back to the first post of that thread of that link I posted.

Any and all other questions are open for answering, keeps me busy! Keep them coming!

See you in school

Country Gamer


2 thoughts on “Bird calling Country”

    1. You are very welcome. I try to answer all the questions that are shot my way.

      Yes I have black ops. I also have multiple halo games an MW2. Unfortunately I do not have live (xbox 360). Sorry. But I do play w101 as much as possible so that probably your best bet.

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