Wrap up

Woo Hoo! Friday has finally arrived! I think it is time to wrap it up a little bit.

First off look at this “mud pit” I found in celestia!

Click to enlarge

Yea yea yea. So technically it isn’t a mud pit. It is just a glitch over that pond in the Celestia Base Camp.


Second, Free Codes Friday time!

I am implementing a new thing into my blog, and I am calling it Free Coeds Friday. Free Codes Friday will only happen on Fridays when I have some free codes and feel like giving them out. Usually it will be WizBlox but hey, you never know what I might have.

Today I have 2 WizBlox codes to give out. Just comment on this post and, if there are enough, I’ll use random.org to decide who gets the codes.


Next up is an update about my secret-no-more.

I have been working on a board game and will be releasing the first installment, hopefully, very soon. Keep your eyes open! “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” as Private O’Ryan would put it!

If you wish to be a part of my game, as in have your character put in as part of the wizard feature, send me an email at the.country.gamer@gmail.com . Make sure the subject line is Wizard Features. You must attach a screenshot of your in-game character, as well as tell me you level, school, in-game name,  your current in-game health, your favorite hit spell and you favorite charm/shield spell. If you have any good square pictures of charms or shields, please also attach them as well.


Well that about does it for today! Hope you all had a great Friday!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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