Misc. and Monkey Quest

Ok so here is today’s news.


Possible hybrid! Yesterday I was doing a little hatching and hatched 2 Chimerical Eggs. One was Orthrus and Tempest Hound, the other was Orthrus and Stormzilla. Unfortunatlly the time read 18 hours when I hame the eggs so no hybrid. 😦 Probablly more orthruses. I will post when they hatch. Here are few screenshots.

click to enlarge

No Temp hound. 😦

click to enlarge

so thanks to Travis BattleHammer, I hatched 2 eggs but no temp hound.

click to enlarge

That’s the one with sprite talent!


Yesterday I also did some pearl farming in The Star District so I could see them all, and I found a hidden door!

click to enlarge

So what if that isn’t a real door, it still looks pretty cool!


Monkey Quest

So now I have started a waiting game called Monkey Quest. Defiantly geared toward the young people zone, Monkey Quest is a nick. game. Right now it is a “closed beta”. Don’t worry, I will still be on Wizard101 like ALWAYS, but I’ll be playing Monkey Quest as Cocootu Bladecaster in my boring time in between wizard101 an the other games I play.

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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