Lost cats!

Zeke wants his cats back!

click to enlarge

Regent’s Square cat -Near Scotland building.

Digmoore Station cat -Near the elevator to go back to Regent’s Square.

Hyde Park cat -Near the greenhouse where you get ambushed.

Chelsea Court cat -Near the Chelsea Court tower you find Baxter in.

Ironworks cat -Go up the stairs behind Pops O’ leary,and you will find it.

Scotland Yard Roof cat -Look near the entrance to Knight’s Court.

Newgate Prison cat -Look around where the prison ends.

Knight’s Court cat -Near Doctor Xavior Xandros’s/Jacques the Scratcher’s tower.

Katzenstein’s Lab cat -Look to the right when you enter his Lab.

Big Ben -They’re on the floor of Meowiarty


There yo go Prospector!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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