Stone Roses for Zeke

Your welcome Zeke!

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The Basilica-Behind the Spiral Door.

The Atheneum-Go past the library and shop (the first two buildings on the right), go around back and look at the outer wall of the library in between the shop and library.

The Tower Archives-Look for adjacent 2 buildings below a stairway. Go down the stairs, go straight, then at the wall turn left and the rose should be in the space between the wall of a building and another wall.

The Grand Chasm-In the Grand Chasm Past instance look to the right side of the hallway.

The Necropolis-Go down a ramp and look behind spikes to your right near the Drake Hatchery entrance.

The Labyrinth-Look in a corner around the tower on the map that’s near Gallium Paladin.

Dragonspyre Academy-Near the young Battledrake, look for a narrow passageway in front of it to the left side.

The Crystal Grove-In the lower crystal field look for an enclosed space where you’d find crystal samples for a quest.

Dragon Claw Canyon-When you enter go through the left passage and into a corner.

Dragon’s Roost- after entering the complex, once you are off the off the battledrake, the rose is off to the left in a crevix in what looks to be 3 big square arches. The crevix is to the left of all 3 square arches.
Crown of Fire- Look on the rocks in the Crown of Fire near where the gap is in Malistaire’s Lair.

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6 thoughts on “Stone Roses for Zeke”

  1. Thanks a lot for publishing this!! The roses are really hard to find, so you’re awesome!! I hope you publish the Lizards of Celestia sometime… and Wintertusk in the future! Thanks a lot for all this information, it’s very useful 🙂

    1. Why thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback. I do plan on publishing further zeke quests. But your going to have to keep an eye out for them! Hope to see more and more people visiting my blog!
      Country Gamer

  2. 🙂 Great, I WILL keep an eye on this blog if you say you’re going to. I know where all the lounge lizards of Celestia are but i can’t remember well. I just remember some, if you want me to tell you what I remember, then i will. Celestia Base Camp lizard is near the Test of the Sphere behind something broken. Survey Camp, I don’t know. Grotto, I can’t remember. District of the Stars, I don’t remember where behind a tree in a really nice place with grass on the floor instead of cement. Stellarium, behind one of those pieces of paper hanging from the ceiling. Floating Land, is there one in there? If there is, I can’t remember.Stormriven, near the polymorph master near Stormriven Hall. Stormriven hall, behind one of those walls. Lunarium, under the Portico in one of those halls where those guys you have to defeat are, but only there isn’t a guy in there. Science Center, on one of those “I don’t remember whats” near the remote control (I can’t remember its name, but it’s something like that) Crustecian Empire, Between some kelps next to a statue near Qween Calypso’s Lair. There isn’t more is there? Bye! I hope you found this helpful 🙂

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