Those silly birdies

Oh no. Looks like Zeke lost his birds again!

click to enlarge

Northguard-Go past Bjorn Ironclaws onto the ledge made out of wooden logs. The yard bird will be at the end.

Savarstaad Pass-Behind the old tree stump and behind the main boar hut in their camp.

Vigrid Roughland-On a cliff above the three caves near the upper part of the map and near one of the berry bushes.

Mirkholm Keep-In the middle circular enclosed area in the caves and in the right part of the Wolf Fortess.

Helgrind Warren-In one of the element rooms.

Ravenscar-In the “beak” of the upper caves area and just outside the door you go through to fight the Coven.


See you in school

Country Gamer



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