Zeke’s Beetles are lost!

Zeke’s beetles are lost. Can you find them?!

click to enlarge

first oasis- be hind the robe and deck shop

second oasis- near the library

alter of kings near a colapsed hall

chamber of fire- on the one open side (right) of the big chamner’s sand stairs

sphinx island- behind the sphinx

entrance hall- up near the ice vault entrance

empeors retreat- in the frozen lake at a dock/wooden plank place

tomb of storms- behind the big head you go throgh to get to the tomb of storms island

well of spirrits- on the stairway behind the statue of krokopatra, leading to here lair

karanhan barracks- in a store shaped house in the floating rocks


There are all those beetles Zeke!

See you in school!

Country Gamer



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