Lounging Lizards

Those lounge lizards can be such a pest!

So as Ashley has requested… here they are.

Celestia Base Camp- near the Test of the Sphere behind a broken piece of building

Survey Camp- behind Rutherford West, on a ledge

Grotto- near Cablooey, behind some seaweed

District of the Stars- near Thule Lanshaper, behind a staircase (in the chantry)

Stellarium- behind  the left papers hanging from the ceiling

Stormriven- near the polymorph master near Stormriven Hall

Stormriven hall- behind the temple you came down onto

Lunarium- under the Portico in one of those halls where those guys you have to defeat are, but only there isn’t a guy in there

Science Center- on one of the circle platforms, near the end of the area

Crustecian Empire- between some kelps next to a statue near Qween Calypso’s Lair

Looking for a screenshot of these little creatures’ hiding places? Click here for Paige Whisper’s Illustrated Guide.

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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