Riddle me this #1 answer

If you have been reading lately, I have started a “Riddle me this” column. The first riddle was:

He enters your imaginations
Undisturbed by your petitions
He takes what he craves
Giving what he curses
Beware of this monster
For he is no assister

The answer; Dream Disturber
This foul creature was created by me as are many of my fan arts. Pictures soon to come.

Now the next riddle:

He swoops and sweeps, at your head.
Be careful when you go to be,
For he is there, ever lurking,
Waiting for some blood, while jerking.

Thats not too hard, but if you need sone help, here is a hint.
This creature is NOT a vampire, but is of Malistare’s brother’s class.

See you in school!
Country Gamer


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