I am all sorts of sorry for not posting for a while! There has been so much going on in-game that i havent posted!!!!!!! But all you advid gamers know that already, don ya!

  • Grandma Raven in Wintertusk. WAAAAAAAA!
  • DoaW’s Birthday Bash
  • Crab Alley re-open
  • level 58 pets (especially the Humongofrog!)
  • Facebook (me!)

Grandma Raven & Wintertusk

Oh yea. Wintertusk all the way! I shall soon have in depth details… When I start my quesing in Wintertusk.

Not only did wintertusk come with new quests and Grandma Raven with the continuation of  Grizzlehiem, but guess who the music is by. Thats Right, all though I would prefer a country singer, the compser for the Wintertusk background music is Nick Jonas.

Diary of a Wizard’s Birthday Bash

Soooooo… ITS THE BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!! Oh yea! Get ya party on! Lots of news to come from Fallon Shadowblade.

Crab Alley re-open

Along with the update of Wintertusk, there comes Crab Alley. You all remember when Selena Gomez came to Wizard City, right! Well the king of Crab Alley is back from his tour and only to find his empire in shambles. Can you help this king re-assamble his city?

level 58 pets

Another help to the update is the bringing of level 58 pets! You must conclude that the Humongofrog is just about the most epic pet in all the spiral! (That is my opinion, not a fact. I am entiltled to my opinion).

With these pets their are new Hybrids as well.

The pets include:

Storm- Kraken, Ice-Ice Wyvern, Fire- Phoenix, Death- Scarecrow, Myth- Humongofrog, Life-Forest Lord, Balance- Judgement.

All pretty epic pets if you ask me!


I order of all of this, and to show my appology, I have created a Facebook account. Yes that is correct. Facebook. Dustin Ravenbreath, for those of you who do not know, is my in-game character, and now my Facebook profile. The group is called Country Gamer. Join it for updates!


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