Wintertusk, the first days.

I have arrived Wintertusk!

This is not good.

OH NO. He is frozen!

You shall unfreeze the bear!

Thats right. I can take you!

I unfroze you and already you’re telling be what to do. Wait whats that about grandmother raven? EEK!!!

:O Its you!

*cue sarcasm* Really? I would have never guessed!

Hey look. Its a Trogg!

Right about… There!

I bow to my master.

You’re free master! Use that magic!

Wow! Now that was cool!

I am your champion, for ever more.

Really. Thats a surprise!

Now thats just plain disturbing. Real nice Austri.

And to finish the journey, i snipe a grand astrolabe from the bazaar!

A great journey in Wintertusk. Ill be sure the collect all the Troggs and let ya know where they are!

See you in school!

Country Gamer aka Dustin RavenBreath


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