Missing Myth spells

Ok i know there are some mythological creatures that are out there (mostly from Greek mythology) that KI haven’t used yet. i would like to bring them to attention. Ideas of animation are very well come!

“hundred handed”. They were gigantic and had fifty heads and one hundred arms each of great strength.

Sorta like a cyclops, but like a normal human, just huge.

Ash Tree Nymphs
I think these are just like the dryads. not positive though.

a fire breathing dragon with a hundred heads that never rested
(sounds like a fire spell :P)

The commonly known 3-headed dog, “brother” of orthrus.

half-woman, half-birdlike creatures who sang such sweet songs that listeners forgot everything and died of hunger

Argus Panoptes
The all seeing. A man with many eyes.

the Chimaera had three heads – lion, goat, and snake .Its body was also mixed having the front part of a lion, middle of a goat, and snake for a tail. It breathed fire.

A female monster consisting of half nymph, half speckled snake. It lived in a cave coming out to snatch up and eat those passing. The critter was ageless but, not immortal.

(very common and, apparently, child of medusa and poseidon ) Pegasus was a winged horse and good flyer.

All of these idea came from a site listing the creatures.


I do believe that some of these could explain animations. but i still wish to here your ideas!

I attempted to post this on the message boards and will inform you when it is up!

*UPDATE* Here you can find the post in the message boards!


See you in school!

Country Gamer


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