Wintertusk adventures, and my thanks

So a few days ago, Kelly IceDreamer helped me through most of WT. I wish to thank her for doing so. Also, Michael, Blaze FireRider, and Diana SilverSong helped me beat the last instance in WT, Nastrond! I am also thanking you three for doing so. All four of you know that you will be receive some minor codes for helping me out! They are on their way. For anyone else view this post, maybe you’ll see me in need in the spiral, and luck out. Usually ill offer a free code to people who help me.

Onto Wintertusk! As i mentioned, Me and a few other people, previously mentioned, completed Nastrond. I was able to take a few screen shots while in there.

Last battle. four cheaters in the house

1 down, 3 to go

hey, who knew that a fizzle could save you from an evil cheat

hmmm. Maybe…

half way there!

Last one.

and down he goes, by helephants hand

Nice rhyming kol! (oh and diana just casted a rebirth :P)

the seals are in place!

I bow one last time.


just a bit of the converstaion.

(oh and GMR also said she choose the right champion. WOOT!)

Thats right!

Again, thanks to those who helped me!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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