Mega Crafting Test Realming Videos


To start off this post I say that I got the new Mega Bundle game card from Game stop. Thats right. I now have 6. I say again, 6 castles.

Isand Getaway- for celestia and gardening if i ever do any

MFP- Cause it looks cool!

Myth House- my very first crowns house

Sultans palace- New house with free stuff, which reminder me, i must go get something from a certain genie

Royal Estate- My Meetings house, you know, if i ever want to run for Student teacher elections

Wooded cottage- my current crafting house. I am currently crafting a GH house, the Watchtower hall.



On the topic of Crafting…. I have started crafting my very first craft house. The WATCHTOWER HALL. Quite hard actually. I have been farming for a while for stuff like ore, scrap iron, and now apparently, deep mushrooms. I also need some Natures Wrath Treasure cards, hint hint. Haha. Any good ideas on getting them?


Test Realming

Now  we all know that the test realm is now open. Hurrah. And with that comes the unposted update notes. The reason i say unposted, is because you can only access them throug that link. you cant do it the traditional way. Ah well. so is piggle (#twizards thing, replace quote with piggle. So is life=so is piggle. And if you want to contact me in #twizards world, here ya go. CountryGamer twizard.).

Now I did venture into Wysteria a bit, and managed to take some screen shots:

The go to door.

My first glimpse at Wysteria/Pigswick Academy


They actually came out with one. wow.

Of course Ill help ol’ Zeke

He looks like a buff Diego…

(You can click to enlarge most of these photos)

It was all fun and games till the test realm started crashing on me at teh Basilisk Chamaber. Fun. Cue, Ughs

And the last subjust for today:


Now I have a software that will fially allow me to make videos of the game. I just have to practice a bit. I promise that I will soon post videos on me blog. Very soon I do hope.

See you in school,

Country Gamer


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