So while I was finding pics for the post Wysteria Housing, I stumbled upon a birthday party. Kevin BattleBlood‘s birthday party!!! Here, i took some shots while i was there.

Its Fallon!

Kevin let me take a pic! 🙂

At least I have one in-game friend from the “blogger club”.

 Cass Dragonheart also let me take her pic. 🙂

Pretty cool fairgrounds. Same exact spot as my fairgrounds. 😀

That was all of the pics i took.

But not to worry, there is one other birthday party, tonight at 8:30 EST. Diana Wildheart‘s! I shall be there as well, but in costume. You dont know which costume though! Is it:

A. Crowning Gear

B. Mythical Madness

C. Masked Mingling

D. Country Combat

E. Sultan Sitting

I will be in one of those costumes at her ball, which is in about 15 minutes!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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