mixing, matching and dinging 50!

Hi! Guess whos back again, back again. ME! 🙂

You may havbe not gotten the first part of today’s post title, but maybe you have guessed that someone dinged a character to level 50! WOOT!

Todays subjects:

  • New pets
  • Weekly Giveaway
  • Ding 50
  • Experience points.

Lots to cover so lets get started!

New pets

New pets have arrived to the spiral near you.

Kust kidding. There is only one spiral. haha. Fooled ya there didn’t I!

The new pets are:

  • Muscled Cat
  • Primal Wildclaw
  • Skeletal Knight
  • Burning Pixie
  • Pink Jellyfish

They all cost crowns and the costs range from 1750-7000 crowns.

Here is the link to the wizard101 page on them.

Oh now I get it. Mixing and matching reffered to the pets. Haha. I literally just figured that out!

Weekly Giveaway

Unless you live under a rock… or don’t own a facebook… you know that Wizrd101 has a weeklt giveaway from wednesday to friday. This weeks giveaway is for the Umbra Sword. They are binging it out of retirement for a giveaway. Nice! I hope I get one!

I just like the look! 🙂

Ding 50

You may have noticed that I have already gotten my main character, Dustin RavenBreath, to Legen-dairy. So who can I be talkign about ding 50 with??? Flint of course!

“Life Flint” is my, now, grandmaster Theurgist. Pretty epic. But he has yet to step into Celestia or Wintertusk. In fact, none of my alt have. He was the first alt to step into Wysteria even. 😛

I am very slow with my alts…

Here was his leveling up:

As you can sorta see, his outfit was a bit different before the level up. Thankfully, I had ssaved up a bunch of level 50 life gear. Oh yea!

Hopefully they wont all be in hibernation that long. :/

Exp points

To get Flint leveled up ASAP, I used this guide on wizard101 central:


Pretty cool guide for fast leveling on little worlds! 😀

Thats it for today. Whew!

See ya in school!

Country Gamer

*UPDATE* This was my 60th post! WOOT! *UPDATE*


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