Weekly Friday Stuffs!

Congratulations! If you are rwading this, you have entered the world of Wizard101!
Welcome to another weekly blog post! We have a lot of grond to cover, so let’s get started!
Choice Online Audience Award
If you haven’t forwarded you Choice Online Audience Award verification email to KI yet, I feel bad for you. Every email that sent their verification email to KI it a free Wyverns Hoard Pack. Woot! I got some cool stuff from my packs.

WOOT! A teleporter!

Test Realm
Oh yea! New stuff on the test realm! I made 2 videos on what new stuff there is.

Neat! Did ya see that the mounts now have a 1 passenger only description??? Makes ya wonder! Also, some cool signs. Too bad you can type it, like open chat.
Harry Potter hall
Light Bulb! (Dispicable Me/Gru reference) I have decided to make Harry potter part of my housing chain. I’m not quite done with my current areas yet, but I am making even more areas anyway!
You know that main hall in Harry potter? Well I am going to make that in-game! Wish me luck!

My Dueling circle

Here is what my dueling circle looks like so far! More to
come soon!

Halloween soon?
You know what time of year it is??? OCTOBER HAS ARRIVED!!! does this mean that the Halloween items and tower an quests will be here soon? Will they introduce some new items??? Oh, I cant wait!!!!
Ok so I am really excites about this part!
While farming Halfang BristleCrown, I got 2 things. I got my Bird is the Wors badge, which is the new go to badge, and… Wait for it………… I SAW FALLON, STEPHEN SP, and ICY!!!! It was sooooo cool, considering how rare it was! I got pics of both occasions.

Wait, did I mention that I got the badge and before I did my next run, I saw them? DOUBLE TRIPLE MILLIONTH WOOT!!! I love it!!!
To wrap up this post… I WANT QUESTIONS! No one ever sends me questions! Remember, my email is always open! It is countrygamer@gmail.com . Anything and everything having to do with Wizard101 OR country music, I’m open to it!

Pretty awesome post if I say so myself!
See you in school!
Country Gamer


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