Many Stuffs to cover!

Hello! I am sorry for the wait, but here is the weekly post!

Hallo-fests Tower
I have 2/3 successfully soloed the hallo-fest towers.

The only one i have not yet successfully soloed, is the adept tower. Very soon, I shall end the reign of the terrifing towers.

Over the week, I have gathered my resources, and the other day, Autumn Dreamwalker, Sean Redhammer, and I all rampaged Wizard City. I managed to record a video before hand or just me, and I took screenshots of all of us!




Guess what!!! I now have my own PET ROCK!
The other day I hatched with Diana Wildheart’s pet rock to get my own!

The stats are pretty sweet too!


I have found an awesome gear vendor in Sudrilund!

His name is Carax Strongthread, and he sells special school recipes for helms, robes, and boots.

I only nabbed the helm and robe from him, but here are all three stats, and they are similar throught all the schools.

More crafting
Now when crafting first came out, I thought I would NEVER craft. Yet here I am, crafting houses, teleporters, gear, and housing items! Wow. What a ways to come.
Going through my recipe book the other day, i found an interesting recipe i am ready to pursue.

Thats a pretty awesome deck that shouldn’t take too long!

Ultra Pip
From the start of the spiral, wizards have always worried about pips. We are all aware of the fantastic golden POWER PIPS! These pips give 2 pip counters. But what if there was an ULTRA PIP. This mythical pip gives 3 towards your school of focus. The reason I bring this up is because I know, eventually, we will have 9,10, even 11 pip spells, which would require a  pip like the Ultra Pip to be summoned to your side.
What do you think about this wonderous pip???

Again, sorry for the wait!!!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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