Weekly Post (10/16/11)

Pet dancing spell casting
Ok so you know how when you per casts a spell, they dance?

Wizards don’t dance when they cast a spell, so why tortured our pets?
I think our pets should use special animations when casting spells. I’m getting tired of my kraken dancing when he casts spritely!

Awesome pet dancings!

So while looking at the petnome and the pet stats, i found this awesome video!

Big hits
Woot!!! So while I was farming mr. Mimir Winterbane for gold (specifically his dragon shield amulet), I managed to hit my biggest hit EVER!!! An guess what?!?! ITS ON VIDEO! I actually had 3 pretty nice hits. Unfortuantley, my 2nd biggest (16.000) I didn’t not get on video.

I appoligize for the language in the 2nd video.

Healing alt

I have started a project upon zee Dustin RavenBreath (my main). As you all know, he is a Legen-dairy Conjourer. Well I have decided to make him a HEALING Counjourer. This means he will not only cast epic medusas, but also heal his friends in-need.
In order to accomplish this task, I must find equipment that will allow me to have incoming and outgoing healing boosts, gear with healing cards, and just regular training of heal spells. Not to mention I’ll need treasure cards.
But to accomplish these tasks, I need your help! Do any of you wizards out there know of some gear like I explained?
Currently I have the Cosmic Kris

The Stellar Signet

And I am working on getting the Life Mastery Amulet. My dragon gives me a dryad card, and I also have the Edge of the Green blade

All ideas are welcome!!!!
You can contact me at:
My Twitter
My Facebook

Sigh. SOOOO much crafting has occurring over here. As I mention, I now have the stellar signet and cosmic Kris, well I had to craft them both! Man those were pretty hard. About a total of 20 sunstone, 20 golden pearls, and 11 pearls. Whew! Luckily, after a little bit of farming the Portico for pearls, I found a more abundant place.

That’s right. Stormriven hall, right behind stormriven, right bend zeke, within Celestia!
You may only have 2 spawns per run, but I find that I get golden pearls and stacks of pearls more often that the portico. Sweetness. The only downside is that you are indeed sharing the nodes, realm, and area with other wizards.

Also, did you know that Stormriven Hall has a hidden monster????

Have you ever wondered what is behind that waterfall in Grizzlehiem’s Northgaurd?

Hmmm. What could this thing hide????? What are your ideas???
Again, contact me at:
My Twitter
My Facebook
I’d love to hear your ideas!

Archivist shoes
Hmm. I was looking at my collectio of clothing the other day and saw these shoes:

Hmmm, even though they are from marleybone, could they be related to the Archivist in Celestia???

Just a little Easter egg in the game!


Woot! Guess who won the GDC award! That’s right. Wizard101/KingsIsle! Woots!!!
Here is their thank you speech


Did you catch that at the end? Still getting those Wyverns hoards out!!
Now, wizard101 release some tweets, which friendly among other bloggers shared with you.


Mystery pet?!?! I think so!! I can’t wait!!!

Diana recent post
Diana, you are awesome! I have been thinking about a potion for extra housing slots for a while now!
In her latest post, Diana Wildheart talked about extra housing slot potions. Now these potions are only currently available in mega or epic gift cards, but imagine if we could craft or buy these in game! That would be pretty awesome. Currently, I only have 6 houses. That’s right. Only 6. I am trying to get a house for each world, but my slots are taken up by crown or crafted houses. Sigh.


Last weekend, I had the joy of attempting the Tower of teh Helephant. Now, even though we never finished the last level, we accomplished most of the tower. Id ahve to say everything in between the first and last level are just fillers. Really easy stuff.

Anyway, thank you SOOO much;

Diana WildHeart (dianawildheart.blogspot.com), Vanessa EmeraldGlade (thedivinerslane.blogspot.com), and Kelsey FireHeart (starsofthespiral.com)

*NOTE: The links on their names are their twitter accounts.*

Again, I thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I wouldnt be surprised if a little birdy dropped off a kifreegames or wizardblox code in your twitter mail boxes sometime soon. HINT HINT! We will have to go all the way through next time!

See you in school!
County Gamer

PS- Any and all youtube videos posted, DO NOT belong to me. I use Vimeo.


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