Weekly Post (10/24/11)

Hello every! It’s good to, theoretically, see you again!
This week I am going to talk about some awesome news and just plain epicness.

Repeating Hallo-fest Quests
Did you know that you can now do all the hallo-fest quests again??!!??!! WOOT!!! Here is what Wizard101 said about it:

Repeating Hallowe’en Quests
We heard that our long time players wanted to repeat the Hallowe’en quests, so Jack is allowing players who completed these quests in previous years to do the quests again.
If you have never completed his quests, he will offer you three different quests. When you are done these, two more will open up for a total of 5 Hallowe’en Quests.
If you have completed these Hallowe’en quests in a previous year, he will offer you all 5 to choose from.

And here is the link to the Hallo-fest page.

New worlds!!!!
Have you seen the sneak peek into the new worlds!?!?!?!?!
These sneak peaks are coming in segments. This first segment came from massivley, straight from KingsIsle.


Gift cards
OMW (Oh My Wizards)!!!! New gift cards!!! 
These include the exclusive Hawkrider bundle giftcard for $30 at walmart.
It includes:
High Flying Hawk Mount
2-Handed Claymore
Ranger Outfit
Night Hawk Pet
Teleport Tapestry
1 Month or 5000 Crowns

Here is what the mount looks like!

The other gift card is the Super Bundle Giftcard, and is bought at Gamestop for $40. This one includes:
Enormous Safari Palace
War rhino mount (multi-person- 1 friend can join you upon the mount)
Great Axe wand
Safari Outfit
Pet Giraffe
Mystery teleport tapestry
1 month or 5000 crowns

And the mount for this gift card look like so:

*NOTE: The tapestries are either arena, bazaar, or nightside. You can place them upon a wall and when you go to you house, you can port to the destination.

I cant wait to get these awesome cards!!!!

Nightmare Pack
Have you seen the awesomeness?!?! The Nightmare Pack!
The cheapest pack yet and you can get: an awesome nightmare mount, any of the pieces of Dark Wraith gear, a pet god’o’lantern, or any other assortments of other special items!
Autumn Dreamwalker was such a cool friend and gifted me 4 (thats right 4!!!!!) packs.

She was such a goood friend and I even got one of the pieces of dark wraith gear.
And hey look, here is Sean Redhammer with the entire set!!!

Dance line
Over the past week, Edward LifeGem, host of the blog Around the Spiral with Edward LifeGem, hosted a party around Bartelby to celebrate the awesomeness of Wizard101.
I took a video and screenshot of the event.

See you in school!!

Country Gamer


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