Weekly post + IRL news (10/30/11)

Hiya all you wizards reading my blog!!!

This week is some cool news and fun stuff!

Halloween Costume
I have found my costume in game for this year!

Woah now. This is some awesomeness right here!!!

Now, those of you who have followed everthing KI does, know that the inscriptions on these photos says:
Down in the depths
At the top of the world
Find her there

Now, most wizards think that these backgrounds are all of the same world. I think that there is another possible explanation.
Could these backgrounds each represent a different portion of Morganthe’s riddle, and possibly different worlds???
“The mirror shall break,
the horn shall call,
from the shadows I attack,
and the skies will fall.”

Now, can you believe the possiblity of different worlds???
The mirror (aka the reflective water of the watery world), shall break (the empting of the seas),
The horn shall call (possibly from the top of the spiral???),
From the shadows I strike (from her lair in the 3rd background?),
and the skies shall fall (the floating world of celestia?).

Hmmm. What you think of those apples? Could the secrets of how to stop Morganthe be in the past?

Black Panther mount
The Black Panther mount is now in the crown shoppe! YAY! Go check out this awesome mount now!

IRL Snow Storm
As you all know, the Northeast was hit with a surprise snow storm over the weekend. I hope all those wizards who were hit with the storm get power back soon and have a safe environment until then!

Until next weekend…
See you in school!
Country Gamer


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