I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO much stuff is coming into the game!!!

Going off of multiple resources, here is what I have gather is coming to game:

  • 9th world (7th main quest world) of Zafaria
  • Level cap raise
  • New spells (level 68 AND astral school)
  • New stats (and new character stats, shortcut C, look)
  • Housing item music player
  • Crown shop items
  • More stuffs to feed ya pet
  • Grub Guardian


OMW!!! (oh my wizards!)

Zafaria will be the 9th world to be discovered in the special, and continues the line of main quest line worlds. It is here Morganthe stared her rain of terror and it is here we hope to stop her!

Zafaria is based off of an african theme, and includes mobs of elephants, monkeys and zebras. (Could Sir Reginald Baxby have come from here?)

KI sort of let a subconscious note to use by letting out the Super bundle giftcard a few weeks before the announcement of Zafaria, don’t ya think?

Here are some pics I have found over many sites including Diary of a wizard, Massivley, Update Notes.

The trailer for the new world can be found at this link.

Level cap

To continue the trend of new world, we have a new level cap of 70!!! And the new title is not Heroic, but rather Transcended! Hmmmm. A Transcended Conjour????


With the addition of Zafaria, Wizards can now achieve the maximum level of 70!

This means all new gear and equipment for over level 60 Wizards, and it also means new challenges that will test even the most wizened player.

Please remember, no experience is rewarded for duels and quests completed while you were the prior maximum level of 60. When a player reaches the maximum level, their experience bar disappears, indicating they are not gaining experience from their duels or quests. No experience is rewarded to those who are at the maximum level, which means that everyone who was level 60 before we raised the level cap, will be level 60 to start, now that we have raised the level cap, and you can once again start earning new experience points from your adventures.

Experience was not earned when you were level 60 and therefore cannot be granted after the level cap is raised.

WOOT!!!! Can’t wait to get those levels!

New spells

Hmmm. So you think you know all about new spells, don’t ya??!! Well I’m here to prove you wrong!!!

KI is realeasing new school spells, AND new astral school spells, within this mega update!

Now, for those of you who either; A- can’t get on test realm, B- want to wait for the live realm for questing, or C- are just too lazy to go check em out; here are the new spells.

Balance- Chimera

310 Death, Life, & Myth Damage

Man, I was so looking forward to this being a myth spell!!! But hey, now there is a spirit school spell, like the Hydra.

Storm- Sirens

915 Storm Damage, Stun for 1 Round, & 2 -50% Accuracy to All Enemies

Man, what a hit!!! Plus 3 total effects!!!

Fire- Rain of Fire

300+800 Over 3 Rounds Fire damage to all Enemies

Pretty nice. A double damage for those pesky fire shields.

Ice- Wooly Mammoth

800-900 Ice Damage + Stun for 1 Round

Ice really needed some high damage and stun!

Death- Katzensteins Monster

820 Death Damage, Convert Half to Health

Coolness. That’s a pretty nice hit.

Myth- Basilisk

325 Myth Damage + 825 Myth Damage Over 3 rounds + Stun for 1 Round

I like the name, but the damage/effects, not so much. I mean, its OK especially having some high-ish damage, but the over 3 rounds and stun???? AND ONE TARGET ONLY?!?!?! What the Myth school needs, in my opinion, is a “x damage per pip, to all enemies, (plus a stun or special negative blade of some sort)”. I am NOT a fan of “over 3 rounds. Haha.

Life- Gnomest

780-880 Life Damage + Dispel Next 2 Life Spell

Not too bad. I really like the animation though!

I found some vids and stats at this link .

You can also see some of the spells in the trailer video up in the Zafaria part.

New stats

Now, in this new stats area, we have Armor Piercing, and a new stats page look. These details were taken directly from here, the Wizard101 new content page (NOTE: this page is only directly available if you are a paying member… unless you have the link I just gave you!)

Armor Piercing

Ok, so you know those pesky little mobs and bosses you go up against, and it get even worse when you are the same school as them? Well there is now a solution.

With the ability Armor Piercing, you can override those natural resistances of mobs, bosses, and maybe even in PvP. This is how it works:

Say you are up against a myth school (mob or boss), and as a natural defense (resist), they have a 90% resist to all myth damage spells. Well if you had 50% armor piercing stats, that resist is now only 40%!!!!

Armor Piercing is also being incorporated into already present spells.

KI have not yet released if it is going to be for specific schools (EX: 5% myth armor piercing) or if it will be for all schools, no specifics. BUT, all of this is in the test realm right now, so go check it out!

New Character Stats

KI is making some minor changes to the look of the character stats page. Throughout the levels you will have 2 stat pages now. One is a normal stat page (damage, resistance, accuracy) and eventually “Advanced character stats” (Crit, block, power pip percentage, healing in/out, stun resistance, armor piercing).

Awesomeness. I can now see my healing in/out stats without have to calculate in my head!

Music player

In the Wizard City Furniture Shop you will find a few new items, most importantly Aubert can now sell you a Music Player and Music Scrolls. Scrolls are used in the Music Player to allow you to have different world music in your Castle or Dorm. Aubert only stocks Wizard City Main Theme and Krokotopia Main Theme, but look for other ways to obtain scrolls from other worlds throughout the Spiral.

To change the music in your house, simply place the Music Box in the house and select it while in ‘Furniture Placement Mode’ – you will see a musical note icon appear that will indicate you can change the music.

That says is all! It appears The Friendly Necromancer (aka Thomas Lionblood) was right on about his prediction back when Selene Gomez was in the spiral!

It looks like these items are all buyable buy gold! That’s just awesomeness!!!

So Country Gamer. What happens when you have more than 1 music box in the same area (inside/outside) of your house???

I am SO glad you asked!!!!! When you have more that one music box in the same area, you will hear the music of the music box you are closest to. If you only have one music box, it will make that one’s sound throughout that entire area.

Now, how do you get music you ask??? Well you get this music in the form of scrolls from different housing vendors (my guess is housing vendors) throughout each world.

Crown shop items

Along with everything else, there are some new items in the crown shop. This includes a new wand/staff/blade thingy, some new mounts that a video can be shown in a video here, and some other random stuff that’s just pure awesomeness.

In case you don’t want to follow the trail of links, this is the video:

An ostrich, crockagator, and a hyppogriph??? Hmmm. I think the one that’s out of place is that ostrich there. The other two are mixtures of animals that could fit fairly well into the spiral of wizards! I think my favorite out of the 3 is the Crockagator. The hyppogriph is just awkward, and the ostrich is out of place.

Pet snacks/items

We all know how much wizards LOVE to train their pets. Well besides feeding them snacks as their reward, you can now feed them equipment, treasure cards, and housing items! By doing this, your pet will not only get exp. but you will also receive a reward! (EX: gold, treasure cards, special items, and even per talents!)

That’s some awesomeness right there!

Grub Guardian

In addition to new snacks, we have a new game that’s fast approaching.

Grub Guardian is going to be the next browser based, and soon mobile, game to hit the world and expand the wizarding community. By this cool new game has a twist to it!!! You can TRAIN your pets using Grub Guardian. Isn’t that cool!!!!!

Grub Guardian is a game based off of Tower Defense.

That’s the only pic I could find of the mini game, as of now.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks mega post!!!

See you in school!

Country Gamer

PS- 70th post!!!!!


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