Weekly Post (11/5/11)

Ok so this week, I have coupled my weekly post into 2 segments. The Updates segment, and the weekly post. This weekly post will be going over the past week, some stuff being added, and taken away from the community, and some IRL insight into my mind.

Nightmare Pack + gift cards

As of November 6th, the Nightmare pack will be taken off the shelves of the crown shop until next year. And the epic gift card (which contains the Massive Fantasy Palace) is also being taken off the shelves on November 7th. But there is a bright side young wizards!!!!

The Super bundle and the Hawkrider bundle have been brought to you in their place. I suggest looking into these two magnificent cards.  Here would be where you would find some details. Hawkrider Bundle, Super Bundle.

Power issues

Now as you a5re all aware, a big October snow storm hit the Eastern seaboard last weekend. This snow storm knocked out my power for a good 5 days or so. Luckily my power has returned, just in time for the new content in the test realm. Still, there are those still without power. I ask that you all hope they regain power soon. Thanks!

Blogging experiences

Now, over the past 10 months I have blogged about the MMORPG game called

Wizard101. Now, just to clear things up, this is NOT a good bye post. Just a bit of insight.

It has been a blast ever since the first post, Hello World. I LOVE the community and I enjoy being able to give my ideas, insight, and some humor, to those people who read my blog. I enjoy the company of all the bloggers that  I meet outside of game and then being able to take that, and meet them in-game and being able to quest, farm, etc. with them! A few such people might be Autumn Dreamwalker and Edward Lifegem, who were some of the first people I was able to friend in-game. I would also like to thank Diana Wildheart, Paige Moonshade, Christina “Icywiz, queen of the elements” Icedreamer, Ian “StormyWiz”, Sir Wolfblood, Christopher “spiralblogger” Iceblade, Fallon Deathslinger, and of course, Thomas “Friendly” Lionblood!

Now, I encourage anyone with the time and will to start a blog, to do so. You have NO idea what kind of magnificent people you could meet! If you are ever having trouble finding something to blog about, just walk around the game, maybe meet up with a few people, and just venture into the mingling side of Wizard101!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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