OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZAFARIA HAS ARRIVED!!!!!

So after coming home from a long day IRL (in real life), I hoped on my computer and looked at my Facebook IRL. I casually scrolled down looking at the cool news feeds, and then I saw it!

OMW! haha. I was absolutely AMAZED, and immediately loaded up the game.

After turning in some quests, looking at the new crown shop gear, which includes school gear, finally went to Zafaraia.

But before that, this is when my character stats page looked like after the quest turn in session.

That’s a very nice start, don’t ya think?!?! 5,000 xp way from 61!!!

After starting the quest line, the NPCs like Falmea and Baxby  give you pictures:

Updates al weekend long!!!

See you in the deserty  school!

Country Gamer

PS- Did you know that the Music Player is gold bought at the wizard city housing vendor???


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