Weekly Post 11/26/11

Hello once again to my weekly posts! Todays topics include:

  • Basilisk
  • Friending
  • Levels
  • Alternate schools


Hey everyone! So guess what I just got!?!?! Well, you already know considering the topics. But I’ll tell you anyway!

I got my BASILISK spell. Now dubbed BAS. is actually not that bad. I made a video for you all on my questing!



That’s pretty good!

Diana WH and SirWolfBlood aka Dylan BB

:O Great wkend for me! I added both of these amazing community members!!!! AWESOMENESS! Then we quested together!

I just realized all our names start with D!!!!!


Ok so I am now level  69. Yay for that. But Im facing a decision. Once I “transcend”, what should I do about Zafaria. I am definitely finishing the main quest line, but what about all those side quests that fill in story line gaps!

I want you to help me decide if, after I reach 70, should finish off Zafaria completely, or should I save side quests???

Please let me know on: twitter, facebook, or the.country.gamer@gmail.com !!!!

Life School Status

So we all know how I am trying to make my myth person part life, and part death. Well, I have had that death mastery amulet for a while, but Im still missing the life one!!!!!!

This is what I look like as a life person, and the stats of heal, and deck.

I like those stats. 🙂

Next up, Life Mastery Amulet!!!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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