Weekly post (12-11-10)

Hello again all you wizards!!! I have a few things to say this week, but not much.


  • Energy activities- Gardening, snacking, and pet training
  • Christmas/12 days of Wizard
  • Glitches

Energy activities

Ok so I am training my Royal Dragon to have the talents of “Unicorn” and “Spritely”. He is now adult, and has the unicorn talent. To get the next talent of spritely, I must continue to level him. To do so in a timely manner, I have decided to start gardening for snacks. hehehe. I plan on updating everyone as my progress goes. 😉

Christmas/12 days of Wizard

Ahhh. It is here. The Wizarding season of Christmas. This year we have a few extra things. This includes the 12 days of Wizard. So far we have had the Chrismoose mount, an xmas poetry contest, and a free lights item.

Cant wait to see whats next!!!!


So while on the little time I WAS on this past week, some wizard GLITCHED into the off area fences. I took a video of me exploring the area I ported into. I also spotted my first chrismoose!

See you in school!

Country Gamer


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