Whoops! It seemed I missed the deadline of not just 1, but 2 posts. Sigh. I apologize to those of you who do read my blog. Been pretty busy round here lately. Not to mention I haven’t been in game much.
Well here’s something that might cheer ya up!!!!
• ravens hoard
• app creation
• Blender

Ravens Hoard
:O what?!?! ANOTHER hoard pack???!!! Win. Once I get on in game, I’ll check it out 🙂 (sry no link, using mobile WordPress)

App creation
Ok, do you remember how I said that I was working on a wizard101 app? Well soon I shall continue working on it. I have recently gotten the program (Xcode) to work on it. More info to come!!!

Despite what you think, no this is not a giant smoothe blender. The blender I talk about is a program that lets you creat 3D characters and objects, and then animate them. Currently I am working on a fishy, and soon I shall try a spider. 🙂
When I finish these projects, I shall post them for you all to see.

Wrapping up this post, I am sorry to y tweeters. I have not checked in for a while 😦 also, after I am done here, I shall check both inboxes for any questions, just in case. Lastly, Facebook has been at the very bottom of my list, so I offer my condolences to you w101 facebookers. Hopefully I’ll check in soon!!!

Hope to see you in school!!!
Country Gamer


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