Wizarding and Animating

Wow. This week has flown right by me! I cant believe is already February 4th of 2012!

So you might wonder, what has this blogger named “TheCountryGamer” been up to???

Well, I have mostly been animating 3D objects on a program named Blender. Below you will see a few of my creations, and creations is progress.

This was one of my VERY early projects. In the end, he was supposed to be “Applesauce… Gone Evil”

This is a very basic armature rig. Armature is like like the bones you use to animate a figure/objects.

Again, a basic figure. This one was never finished tho. This WAS the hood and shoulders of a specter.

Oh the simplicity. This, obviously, is the 3D modeling of a fishy. I did finish this one, and as you saw in the previous post, I did end up animating this one.

Ahh. One of my epic fail projects XD. This was going to be a harry creature with arms coming out of head/body, but I accidentally put bones where there were joints, and I never finished him then.

OM  NOM NOM NOM! Thats his name hahahaha

I have no comment for this one…

And finally we have the hopefully end result for my current project, the Water Leaper.


Now, aside from Blender, I DID actually get a chance to hop on the wizarding world for a little bit today. Basic recap of my time;

farm with Cody GoldenCrafter

-Try to get gold to hatch and craft

Set up xbox360 controller to play W101

-I use a program called JoytoKey


Yup, that pretty much sums up my day!

See you in school,

Country Gamer


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