May 6th 2012 update

Hello everyone! A few things to share with you today

  • Wizard101- Avalon
  • Pirate101 waiting
  • Minecraft Creating

Wizard101- The adventures of Avalon continue!

So since the Avalon Update, I have been working hard on the new world, including beating Maki Sharka (the very first boss to get to Avalon) and getting my first glimpses of the world.

Maki Sharka (I do believe that is his name) is another boss in the Oni series. He has 11,000 some health and an about 2,000 health minion. I took a bit of struggle, but I got him on the first run.

Then I traveled t0 Avalon after and amazing cutscene, and beat up some trolls with a Jason Stormcaster. I want to personally thank him and hope we can get together again in-game soon!

This is what he looks like if you ever see him in game:

That is currently where I stand and hope i can ding 71 soon!

Pirate101 Waitings

I keep busy for waiting on the Pirate101 release by playing W101 and creating on mine craft so yea. Here is a P101 background to keep everyone busy.

(1024×768 format)

Minecraft Creating

I am currently working on a pretty epic minecraft map to be played on either Survival or Creative. Once I figure out how to upload Zip files, Ill post it right here, so keep your eyes open!

Until next time,

Arrrr, See you in school matees!

Country Gamer


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