My Avalonian Journey

Hey everyone! I am having a blast in this new world, and am LOVING the journey. Here are a few new things;

  • Squireship and Armerage
  • Blackcrows
  • Custom Quest and Area
  • The forbidden Jabberwock

Squireship and Armerage

Ok so over the past week or so, Ive achieve both my Squireship (Squire badge);

And my Armerage (Armiger Badge), which i didnt take a shot of. :/


I have started collecting the BlackCrows of the Avalon Zeke quest. Here is what I have so far:

Custom Quest and Area

Lately, I have started creating the Massive Fantasy Palace in a program called Blender.

This is where my upcoming created quest will mainly take place. My NPC, obviously, is called Dustin RavenBreath. When I have fully decided on the details of the quest chain, Ill post them on here!

The Forbidden Jaberwock

Today I was accompanied by Keena EarthSinger, Heather SpiritGiver, and Sarah FrireBright to defeat the very interesting Dark Knight and Jabberwock! I thank you to you 3 and I hope we can do it again sometime! Here are a few screenshots I took on the journey. (oh and click here for TheFriendlyNecromancer’s Jabberwock lesson)

As you see in that last screenshot, I got my Knight Errant Badge!!! WOOT!

Aight, well that be it for this here post!

Arrrr, See you in school!

Country Gamer


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