Ok  I am so siked right now! My day was just made by a great guy who’s wizard is named that of………. wait for it………….. JUSTIN SHADOWBLADE!!! Nice name right! Well a really nice guy resides behind that there name. This deathy wiz was helping me out against one of the Spriggan tribe in The Wyrd of Avalon. A boss named Ginther.

Well anyway, this is one conversation that ensued near the end of the battle:

Thank you to Justin ShadowBlade for making my day. I am really happy that one of my friends at random, reads my here blog! Hope you continue to help those throughout the spiral and become a fantastic Knight!!! I plan on having many great adventures with you throughout this universe we call the spiral.

Now, to any of you wizards out there, keep on eye on a keen look out for Justin. I am sure he would be delighted to help you if your ever in a jam with, say, a tribe of ‘spriggan monsters who need some banishing!!!

Here is what said wizard currently looks like:

Cant wait to continue quest’in with ya!

Arrr, See you in school!

Country Gamer


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