Spell App and pictures

Hey everyone! Today I am in a bit of a pinch, and I need YOUR help!!!

I have decided to continue my project of a spell app for wizard101. But this includes collecting pictures of every spell in existence. This means all of the main schools (myth, fire, balance, etc.), and all of the celestial school spells (moon sun star). Eventually I will get to the individual polymorph and mob spells, but lets start simple.

Currently I have all the Myth spells (due to the fact that I have collected all the spells for my school).

But this is where  need your help. I only have level 50 death, life, and balance. Which means this is what the spells I have collected looks like (below).

Balance: Scarab-Power Nova (all)

Storm: none

Ice: none

Fire: none

Death: Dark Sprite-Scarecrow (all)

Myth: Bloodbat-Dimension Shift (all)

Life: Pixie-Rebirth (all)

If anyone with a level 50-75 balance, storm, ice, fire, death, or life wizard could please send my a screenshot of any/all of their deck pages, the help would be greatly appreciated. The resolution of the game window must be 800×600 (fullscreen off).

This is what one page of the deck would look like:

Either of the above types of screenshots will work. (The only reason for the full deck picture being smaller is to make it fit on the page of the post. They have the same resolution. The top picture actually fits in the full deck picture.)

Please contact me at the.country.gamer@gmail.com if you have any screenshots or would like to join my in creating the app.

Arrr, See you in school!

Country Gamer


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