Post number 99 (7/7/2012)

Hi everyone. I apologize that its been over a month since I last posted. It has been a bit hectic over here, and to be honest, I really havent been playing w101 all that much.

So lets see, what did I talk about last time???  Oh yes, that app I am attempting to create 🙂 I have yet to get any photos to include from other wizards, but I have also to get the coding book I need to complete the app haha.

Well anyways, today I shall talk a bit about the new stuff (as in the new Wysteria Villa housing) and my new Life Amulet! I will also touch on the topic of my Minecraft buildings map.

Wysteria Villa Housing

Wysteria Villa! What a wonderful phrase

Wysteria Villa! Ain’t no passing craze

It means no worries for the rest of your days

It’s our problem-free philosophy

Wysteria Villa!

Haha! Had to add that in there, just for funziez! The Wysteria Villa is a quaint little space on the edge of an ocean. It consists of a few little houses, but of only one you can venture into. There is not much more I can explain without a video. So hopefully soon, I will record a tour of this new abode in Wizard101!

*video to be inserted here*

Life Mastery Amulet

Yay! Me finally retrieved a Life Mastery Amulet from the Crown Shop earlier this month. This little dokickey allows this Myth wizard by nature to take hold of part of the Life school. As many of you kow, this amulet allows any wizard not of the same school to use power pips to power that schools spells (EX: A death amulet cannot be worn by a death student, and gives any other school the ability to use power pips for death spells)

This is my full Life student get up, my deck, and my stats when using the amulet:

Well, that is all for this weekend. I cannot garuntee another post in a week, but I sure hope I can make it! I will certainly get around to updating everyone on new stuff that comes out!


For all of you Minecraftia residents out there, I have a map here that holds the collection of many building, generated and custom made, ofr all of you to view and use. I have marked most of the buildings, giving credit where credit is due. On the upcoming update (1.1.3) I will attach a second link which will include all of the Minecraft 1.3 toys that need to be added. Hope you have fun with it! (I did use a mod called Single Player Commends in the construction of some, if not most, of these buildings)

Minecraft 1.2.5 map: Click Here (direct link:

Minecraft 1.1.3 map: (link)

Arrrg, See you in school!

Country Gamer


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