Sadness at “AssortedApplications” development.

Hi everyone. First off, I have named my temporary app development “company” (for lack of a better word), as “AssortedApplication”. This is NOT a permanent name for until I can get a working developer account, anyone can claim the name.

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. I have been in communication with “One-Eyed Pete” aka The Friendly Necromancer aka Thomas LionBlood, and it has been confirmed that I cannot, I repeat, cannot release my wizard101 spell app. For those readers who dont know what my app is about…

I have been creating an app that will allow wizard101 fans to easily pullout their apple device and launch this app, which provides you with offline information on any of the wizard101 spells. I was even considering expanding this into a full working “wiki” type of setup. The “wiki” setup would include NPC characters, gear, quests, pets, and anything else that came to mind.

Continuing on, I have been told that I cannot release this app due to something probably in the Copyright. Sigh. At least I’ll be able to use this on my resume, and maybe one day get into KingsIsle or another gaming company.

I will however continue to see what I can do for the releasing of this app.

In the mean time, I DO intend to complete the app, even if it cannot be release. So all of you wizards who I have asked for help, whether it is taking pictures, or aiding me in video footage, I thank you and ask you to still complete any tasks that I have asked of you. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Arrr, I will see you in school!

Country Gamer


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