The eyes of the dragon, and its cousin the Basilisk

Hello all! Today I have ventured far and wide to bring you the wonders of the Basilisk!

I decided to play a bit today and I am sure the screenshots I took will tell my story well!

Ye has been Knighted!

And there is the badge.

Soon there after, I venture to Cyrus Drake, for he has some things to talk about…

Cool, off to Zafaria I go! (I’ve gotten used to his downward talking)

The very greedy Idris Beast-Tamer. Quite a trouble to defeat. As you can see, he has 2 minions at his side. For those of you who searched “Idris Beast-Tamer”, and there were very few results; here is how I defeated him. My deck is below:

Using that strategy, I had a LifeMasteryAmulet equipped, so I could heal throughout the battle. None of your opponents cheat, so I focused on using 2 Medusas to take out the minions, and then used multiple basilisks and medusa to wear down Idris. I did use many Satyrs, sprites, and one or two Dryads throughout the length of the battle.

Idris at about mid health, and minions gone of course.

And again, Idris at 4000.

And finally, my KO medusa. Bye bye Idris!

Why yes, that is exactly what I plan to do.

YAY! Hatch! Hatch! Hatch!

Awwwwww. Come on Cyrus. Lighten up! 😀

The retrieval of the Mythical Basilisk.

And this is the starting page. He was only a 5 minute hatch!

Well, that would be my adventure for the day.

Arrr, See you in school!

Country Gamer


One thought on “The eyes of the dragon, and its cousin the Basilisk”

  1. Thank you for your input! I will do as you said as far as the healing spells, etc. But instead of the Healing Amulet I will purchase Henchmen! I’m thinking Idris is Death, so I will bring Life (directly to my left, lvl 70), and then Storm and Fire. Cross your fingers…. need to take a trip to the library and buy some dispels as well!

    Thanks again!

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