Many a goings on!

So much has been in motion here at CountryGamer. I hope you enjoy this throw together post this afternoon!

  • Knights Lore
  • New Giftcard Bundles
  • App
  • KingsIsle Universe

Knights Lore

So recently KI release the Knights Lord Card Pack! This comes with the possibility to train new spells, new Knight King armor, and a lot more! After gathing some crowns from some contests, I went a bought a few and managed to get a few packs. My spoils included one of the King’s hats. Here is my new look:

New Giftcard Bundles

Cool. Some new bundles to buy!!!

Majestic Bundle

The Majestic Bundle comes with a 2 person dragon mount, Armor, the mysterious beast pet, and a Giant castle that you can use the additional castle space elixir for ;D

Pagoda Gauntlet

Now this bundle is a bit different. The Pagoda Gauntlet features the Midnight Sun Pagoda Gauntlet which is basically a tower like briskbreeze or waterworks.

Both cards are $39 and can be found at Gamestop (Majestic Bundle), and Target (Pagoda Gauntlet)


Oh such fun. I have been working very hard on this for it is a hobby of mine. I have all the current spells done, and only have to collect 12 more pics :D. If I can ever get the OK from KI, I will certainly at least share a vid of the app with all of you!

KingsIsle Universe

Earlier this week I applied for a position on the KingsIsle Universe fansite (I will be adding the badge soon). My name on the site is CountryGamer and I am an updater and maybe soon a casual guide and post creator! Please keep an eye out for me and I’d love to answer all the questions I can for you guys!

Arr, See you in school!



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