Finally back

Hello everyone!!!

Its about time i came back to give you all an update! I know ive been away for quite a bit, but with Autumn starting back up again, and my doing a bit of learning once again, I wont be posting that much anyway.

Today we have a slew of stuff for me to post haha!

  • KI update
  • 3D Models to Doctor Who

KI Update

Ok, so since I have not had the chance to game in really anything (Wizard101, Pirate101 Beta, Minecraft, etc.), there really isnt much to say, except that I dont know how soon i will be able to game. I just want everyone to know, KingsIsleUniverse and blog-followers alike, that if you want my help in game, or with something like fan site, or 3D models, just email me at! I check it kinda often and will ALWAYS get back to you!!!

3D Models to Doctor Who

OKAY! Now on to what I HAVE been doing for the last 2 weeks or so!

I’ve been creating, modifying, and playing with a bunch of Blender models, mostly Doctor Who related. 😀 I dot plan on sharing these when I get the chance! Hopefully Ill have a big post covering all of them!

More on the topic of Dr.Who, the SEASON 7 Premiere was on last night! I personally think they did an AMAZING job, and suggest everyone go an take a look. Here is one video I found, but I dont know how long it will stay up on YouTube, SO HURRY!!!!

Arrr, See you in school!

Country Gamer


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