Hi everyone. Its been a while for me haha. Whats it been, about 5 weeks? Ugh! Such a busy life. 😛

Anyway, within all of that business, apparently I am still the Cheif Updater on KingsIsle Universe, so thats nice!

Also, I one of my recent edtion of GameInformer came with a very packed Halo4 article. Some cool stuff in there, mainly the new class of Prometheans that are being added to the universe. Very neat. Cant wait to re-hone and re-construct a stadegy against ever-growing opponents haha.

Leaning back to the Kingsisle-verse games, Halloween has come to Wizard101, with the SpookyBob and the return of the NightmarePack. Gonna be an exciting season if I ever get on. In Pirate101, it looks like KI is soon releasing the game to EVERYONE. Thats right, seems like the release date is set for Oct. 15th. Thats tomorrow wizards and pirates!!! so go download the launcher and get ready for the big launch of KI 2nd Spiral-verse game play!

Looking through into Mojang’s sandBOX game Minecraft, we have the Pretty Scary Update coming out Oct. 24 (10 days)! In the meantime, you can catch the 12w41a snapshot update at mojang.com. Looks like its gonna be a scaryfun time!!!

I really do hope to see everyone in game. If you ever want to friend me on p101 (and have me friended in w101), email me a friendfinder code to the.country.gamer@gmail.com!

Arrr, See you in school!

Country Gamer


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