Holidays and Catching Up

Hello everybody
I apologize I’ve been away for a while. In all honesty I have not been able to play any games for a while. Although with all my time i have been modeling a bunch of 3D models. One of them is called a Halo4 watcher and with the help of Ryan 987, we’ve gotten pretty far and are almost done.
Here is the link for the model on BlendSwap the blender swapping community.
As I continue my adventures in Blender, I invite everyone to follow along and start your own 3D story lines.
The other quest I have been on is learning coding, through a program called AppleScript. Hopefully I’ll remember to post some of my script for all of you to read!
Until next time, Have a very merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and try not to get too swelled up in the joy of cookies, W101/P101 festivities, and enjoy the family a bit!
I’ll see you in school (maybe :P),
Country Gamer


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