CGCore 1.1 and Weeping Angels 1.2.0

Welcome to the world. The world of refactoring, teleportation, add-ons, and bug-fixes, that is!

Here we have two updates. Changelogs for both CGCore and Weeping Angels can be found below. A quick glance will reveal the re implementation of teleportation, refactoring for multimod compatibility through CountryGamer_Core, and the creation of a config enabled add-on for Weeping Angels.

Changelog; CGCore:

+ Added CoreUtility class

+ Added the functionality of an actual registered mod

+ Added ItemMetadataBase class

+ Added GuiButtonArrow class

+ Added and Fixed teleportation issues

Changelog; WeepingAngelsMod:

+- Tested and played with making the player invisible in case it might be needed if a player would be sticking out from something like a big blue box when said player mounts said blue box

+ Added add-on “Vortex Manipulator”

– Removed unnecessary code

+ Refactored and prepped for 1.2.0

+ Added a few config options for various things

As always, downloads will be found in the downloads post. Here is the link.


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