Its almost Friday; The mod updating and Gradle confusion post

Why hello there!
For me, its just about Friday. Fun things have been about on my computer. Whether its watching streams from Forgecraft’ers like Soaryn (currently watching), frustratingly setting up the ForgeGradle environment, successfully getting ForgeGradle to work, downloading ALL the 1.7.2 ForgeGradle environments (as they are updated), or finally updating a bunch of the mods, it has been a crazy week.
Like I said, I have been working on the mods a lot. If you are watching my github, you might have noticed that CountryGamer_Core is now updated to CountryGamerCore (to be version 2.0.0), WeepingAngelsMod got some commits and is being updated to CountryGamerWeepingAngels (to be version 2.0.0 as well), and even PlantsVsZombies up to a relatively stable CountryGamerPvZ (to be version 4.0.0).
Among those mods, I was working on a Teleportation mod, but I am not sure I will be releasing.

One other thing is through my frustration with ForgeGradle, I was unable to find an easy way to build multiple mods at once, so I made an AppleScript work around! 😀
Essentially, the script separates my mods and repackages as .zip files. There are a lot of hard-coded values, but if you want to look at the source, here is is on pastebin 😀

Not much otherwise going on. I hope those on the Northern sea-board are doing well with the snowstorm!
– CountryGamer


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