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Details of the Weeping Angels Mod

It has been brought to my attention that the current mod post in the minecraft forums is not up to date. So I am going to fully express everything here. I plan to update this post and link it in any updates so that everything is kept together and I don’t have to keep re-writing this post.

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CGCore 1.1 and Weeping Angels 1.2.0

Welcome to the world. The world of refactoring, teleportation, add-ons, and bug-fixes, that is!

Here we have two updates. Changelogs for both CGCore and Weeping Angels can be found below. A quick glance will reveal the re implementation of teleportation, refactoring for multimod compatibility through CountryGamer_Core, and the creation of a config enabled add-on for Weeping Angels.

Changelog; CGCore:

+ Added CoreUtility class

+ Added the functionality of an actual registered mod

+ Added ItemMetadataBase class

+ Added GuiButtonArrow class

+ Added and Fixed teleportation issues

Changelog; WeepingAngelsMod:

+- Tested and played with making the player invisible in case it might be needed if a player would be sticking out from something like a big blue box when said player mounts said blue box

+ Added add-on “Vortex Manipulator”

– Removed unnecessary code

+ Refactored and prepped for 1.2.0

+ Added a few config options for various things

As always, downloads will be found in the downloads post. Here is the link.

Weeping Angels 1.1.0; We have HUDS now. HUDs are cool!

Thats right. We have added a new feature to the heads up display! 😀

You know how we used to have players get that pesky potion effect if they were infected by an angel? Well I have decided to take a different route, and now players have an attribute that decides if they have this infection or not. This, in the end. will just make it easier to work with.

Full changelog, as always:

– Mainly the replacement for the AngelConversion potion effect

– Minor bug fixes

– Removed the weeping angel painting. I promise something similar will replace this, but for now I have decided to just completely remove it.

Whats that? You want to see screenshots? SPOILERS! 😀

I hope everyone goes and downloads the mod. Requirements are still Minecraft 1.6.4, MCForge, and CountryGamer_Core version 1.0

Downloads over here , Pond!

Don’t Blink, Its finally here

OK. I think it is ready.

I am now releasing version 1.0.0 (not a beta) of the Weeping Angels Mod.


– Disabled Weeping Angel teleportation

– Fixed and applied Weeping Angels teleporting players

– Added sounds

– Other background debug things for easier manipulation

– Added “Scared of an Angel” Achivement (HINT: find a statue)

– Added requirement for CountryGamer_Core

NOTE! You now NEED CountryGamer_Core to use this mod. Also, you must DELETE your previous config file before running the game with this new version.

All the downloads are in the same place. Make sure you get the latest versions of whatever it is you are playing.

The Weeping Angels, fixed for Beta2.2

Hurrah! Another release 😀

I am proud to say, that the entity called the Weeping Angel is now complete, as of my point of view. I cannot promise there will be NO bugs, but I will deal with them as quick as I can when and if they do arise.

I would also like to say that we will soon be moving out of beta and into release stage. Hopefully the next version will be the official release.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, here is the change log:

– Fixed ravine creating bug

– Re-added torch breaking

The downloads will be here as always.

PS; If you were not already aware, the mod IS Opensource on github. Just pop on over to see the inter workings.

Dont Blink; Weeping Angels SMP Minecraft 1.6.4

Alright, so here is the Weepings Angels mod, finally multiplayer compatible. Nothing else has changed since the previous version except that there is now a config option for the length of the weeping angel potion effects.

We also now require minecraft forge  version Install that before this mod.

Download page: Forge Downloads

Download Link: Installer

Downloads can be found here.