Weeping Angels


This mod adds a new entity to the game titled Weeping Angel to the game which gives caves a bit more of a scary vibe. This Mod features these things:Weeping Angels

From A_Dizzels Weeping Angels Post: (This is not our version as we have had bugs fixed and no-one has made a video for this version) (New video to come soon!)


Weeping Angel

– When not being looked at, the Weeping Angel will swiftly travel to closest player
– Various model movements will be made depending upon how close the angel is to a player and if it is being looked at
– If it is not day light, or the angel is in a dark cave, and the angel is targeting a player, the angel will try to knock down torches so that the angel cannot be seen
– When the weeping angel hits an entity, there are 3 possibilities:
A) 20% of the time, the player will be teleported within 60 blocks (Configurable)
B) 5% of the time, the player will be infected by a weeping angel. (Configurable)
C) If neither of the above actions occurred, the angel will hit the player and cause damage
– An angel can be hurt by anything. If the config option for “Hurt Angel with PickAxe only” is on, you will only be able to hit the angel with an iron pickaxe (or a diamond pickaxe when on HARD difficulty)
– Will occasionally drop a Weeping Angel Statue
– Will rarely drop Chronon Dust (Item) (only active with add-on)


Weeping Angel Statue

– Rare drop from a Weeping Angel
– Can be placed as a decorative block
– Angel comes to live when powered by redstone

Weeping Angel Spawn Block

– Similar to Monster Egg Spawn Blocks
– When powered by redstone, will spawn 1 Weeping Angel above it, only if there are no other angels within a 2 block radius


Vortex Manipulator (only active with add-on)

– Crafted with an EnderEye(EyeOfEnder) and 8 Chronon Metal (where the metal surrounds the eye in a crafting table)
– When right clicked, it will randomly teleport the player within a range between 10 and 100 blocks of where the player was
– If holding “SHIFT” when right clicked, it will switch to a CONTROLLED mode. Now when the player right clicks, they can teleport to any specified coordinates
– Unlimited uses, but extremely hard to get

Chronon Dust (only active with add-on)

– Rare drop from Weeping Angels
– Used to create a Chronon Diamond

Chronon Diamond (only active with add-on)

– Used to create Chronon Metal
– Craft a diamond with 2 Chronon Dust

Chronon Metal (only active with add-on)

– Used to create Vortex Manipulator
– Craft: 1 row of iron ingots, 1 row of Chronon Diamonds, 1 row of iron ingots (Top to bottom in crafting bench)


Vortex Manipulator Add-on

– Enables the Vortex Manipulator Item
– Enables Chronon Items (Chronon Dust, Chronon Diamond, Chronon Metal)

Config Options:

Achievement IDs (x2)
Enable add-ons (x1)
Weeping Angels natural spawn options (x3)
Weeping Angel stats (x7)
Block IDs (x2)
Weeping Angel Entity ID
Item IDs (x4) (Don’t worry about the Debugger item. It is only enabled in the dev environment)

Installation & Downloads:

You need 3 things to install this mod.

  • Minecraft Forge or greater
  • CountryGamer_Core_1.1.1
  • WeepingAngelsMod_1.2.0

After downloading all of those, install Minecraft Forge, and put both CountryGamer_Core and the Weeping Angels .zip file in the ‘mods’ directory

Modpack Notice

You are allowed to use this in a mod pack


a_dizzle; Initial Modder
Country_Gamer; Head Coder
Coder; Torquebolt
Advertiser; Clayblock

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