Pocket Edition for PC

Why hello there!
Have you ever been interested in getting some of those Minecraft:Pocket Edition features on the computer Minecraft? Well here you go!
So far we only have Beetroot, but we have much more on the way!




– Edible
– Heals ½ a heart on eaten
– Can be smelted into Rose Red Dye
– Can be crafted with a wooden bowl to get Beetroot soup
– Can be crafted by itself into 1 Beetroot Seed

Beetroot Seeds;

– planted on tilled dirt to grow Beetroot

Beetroot Soup

– Edible
– Heals 4 hearts


The downloaded .zip file goes into your mods directory. Thats it!!!


Version 1.0:

– Added Beetroot Things


If TheOwner finds another site is hosting, TheOwner may sue said site.This document and download (for TheCountryGamer’s PocketEditionForPC Mod)(hereafter referred to as “TheDocumentAndDownload”) is Copyright©(2013) of TheCountryGamer(also known as; Country_Gamer, CountryGamer, The_Country_Gamer, “Country”)(hereafter referred to as “The Owner”) and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Mincraftforum.net and this Website are allowed to host any of The Owner’s material without consent of The Owner. If TheOwner finds another site is hosting, TheOwner may sue said site. This mod cannot be distributed in any other way than through this thread. You must ask the owner first if you want to include the mod in a ModPackages. You cannot decompile the mod for any reason. You cannot make money off of this mod. This includes adfly, even if it is part of a ModPackage. You do not have permission to distribute this mod through installers or plugins. You are welcome to post screenshots and videos of this mod. You are welcome to create edited versions of the textures included in TheDocumentAndDownload , as long as permission from The Owner is granted. You are welcome to post links to this page anywhere. TheDocumentAndDownload may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) Digital permission is allowed but is only legitimate if the owner agrees on the legitimacy of the picture or text of said file. If you mirror anything The Owner has made on any other site, The Owner may seek compensation for the damages through a lawsuit. . Mojang is not affiliated with this mod. Only the owner is allowed to redistribute or include this mod in mod-packages.


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