Minecraft Mod; CAPO 0.0.1(Beta)

Today I have decided to publicly announce the CAPO mod (aka ‘Contingently Augmented Preposterous Objects’). Essentially, a lot of stuff that I wanted to tweak or add, or things I have heard around the community that would be neat to add. Quite a similar idea to RWTema’s Extra Utilities mod. It is currently in Beta, so nothing is perfect yet, things are not really interconnected, and everything is subject to change.
I do have a github setup for it at if anyone would like a look see at the mechanics.

Otherwise, lets get started with what CAPO contains at the moment!

Ender Shard (Block);
Crafting: The Ender Shard is composed of 3 Obsidian, 1 Ghast tear, and 3 Ender Pearls.
Function: Will generate a single ender pearl every 20 minutes (2 minecraft days) as long as it does not currently hold an ender pearl. To harvest the pearl, simply right click the Ender Shard.
NOTES: This block should be compatible with most ways of invetory slot pulling ;D

Player Checker (Block);
Crafting: Currently not craft-able, creative only
Function: Allows a player to look at all players on the game at that moment. Can select players based on usernames and can add player to the active players list. If any players in this list on online, block will emit (or not emit) a redstone signal.
NOTES: gui incomplete, functionality not complete

Multi-Item (Item);
Crafting: Currently not craft-able, creative only
Function: Will trigger all items stored inside when used doing any action (5 items max). Can be partitioned for extra effects. For Example, if you inflix a pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe you would be able to do all their individual functions using each item separately (damage, tool material, etc). Definitely a space and time saver. There are also other functions. Here is the complete list of inflixible items and their functions:

Inflixer (Block);
Crafting: Currently not craft-able, creative only
Functions: Inflixes and partitions a Multi-Item

Multi-Dye (Item);
Crafting: Not craft-able, only gotten through Multi-Item
Functions: This takes the Multi-Item to the next level with colors. You can change its color based on and RGB color scale (6-digit), and eventually, other things too. Color can be chafed with the colorizer.

Colorizer (Block);
Crafting: Currently not craft-able, creative only
Function: Using a multitude of text boxes, you can change the color of any Multi-Dye.
– 1; Dye Slot (Upper left); This takes any vanilla dye and will store its color values, absorbing the dye. Will also accept a bucket of milk to rinse out all dye colors.
– 2) Color Storage; This is where the current amount of colors are stored. This is how you will determine how much you have and how much you need to color you Multi-Dye.
– 3) RGB values; Three text boxes allow you to specify your color using integers between 0 and 255 for each Red Green and Blue.
– 4) RGB Field; A text box displaying the hex value of the RGB color scale.
– 5) Set Color button; Sets the color of the Multi-Dye from the RGB Field. Is only active if there is enough storage and a Multi-Dye item present
– 6) Multi-Dye Slot; A slot which will only accept Multi-Dye items. One at a time please!

Player’s Sack (Item);
Crafting: Currently not craft-able, creative only
Function: Holds an inventory similar to a player’s. In fact, it is symmetrical to that of the player’s. When right-clicked, the sack with swap the inventory it holds with yours. This allows for easy access to anything you need. You can also sneak while right-clicking to open its GUI. From here you can move items about or rename the sack. Sacks without a name, and sacks with the same name, cannot go inside the sack (i.e. sacks named “Greg’s Sack” or do not have a name cannot go inside another sack named “Greg’s Sack”). This prevents you from losing items. Also, when it swaps items, the slot from which you click the sack will not be swapped, as this would put the sack inside of itself (which is impossible).

UnStable Core (Item);
Crafting: Uses an empty map and 4 obsidian
unstable core
Function: Stores coordinates and dimension for teleportation
– RightClick;
– Store Coordinates if empty
– Full Coordinates or +Sneak;
— Erase Coordinates

Stable Core (Item);
Crafting: Uses an UnStable Core and 8 Ender Pearl
stable core
Function: Stores coordinates and dimension for teleportation
– RightClick;
– Store Coordinates if empty
– Full Coordinates or +Sneak;
— Erase Coordinates

Teleporter (Block);
Crafting: Currently not craft-able, creative only
Function: Will teleport a player based on various variables, on right click.
– RightClick
— No Core; Insert Core (if holding Core)
— Has Core; Teleport the Player
— Has Core + Sneaking; Remove Core
– UnStable Core; Will teleport the player but will not go through dimensions under any circumstances. Has a chance to cause unstable effects, including teleportation to areas unspecified and nausea, among others.
– Stable Core; Will teleport to desired location. Will teleport to dimension if conditions are right (see below).
– Redstone inserted (right click with in dust in hand); If getting a redstone signal, will teleport any Players within a radius of 10 blocks to the specified location.
– Gold Block inserted (right click with in block in hand); ??? I will have to figure out what this was supposed to do….
– Egg inserted (right click with in egg in hand); Will allow for teleportation of any entity (Unfinished)
– Ender Pearl (right click with in pearl in hand); Will allow for teleportation to any dimension, if it is a Stable Core

Also in-game, but not documented yet:
– Mineral Extractor
– Compressor
– Multi-Pipes (unstable)

Talisman and Charms: SOON

TODO List:
– Add config option for Ender Shard generation time.
– Compatibility between Multi-Dye and EnderStorage by ChickenBones
– Wool dying with Multi-Dye
– Sheep dying through Multi-Dye
– Add sliders to Colorizer GUI
– What does a Gold block do? (Teleporter)
– Egg functionality (Teleporter)
– Document and unhide Talisman and Charms

Download here for the time being: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/capo/
CG_Core is required: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/countrygamer_core/


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